Harvard Prize Book

The Harvard Club of Toronto will award a selected book to three outstanding students in grade 11 who attend a Toronto-area secondary school.  The Harvard Prize Book is awarded to an outstanding student in the penultimate year who is academically excellent, exhibits exceptional personal qualities and makes a significant contribution to the school or community. The tradition of the Harvard Prize Book programme was started by Harvard alumni in 1910.

Today, more than 1,700 Harvard Prize Books are awarded annually around the world.

The objective of the Harvard Prize Book is to raise Harvard’s visibility amongst Toronto secondary schools and to encourage talented students to apply to Harvard College. Students may have heard of Harvard University but are unfamiliar with our undergraduate education or unaware of the availability of financial aid.

Harvard Prize Book 2024

To apply, there are 3 steps:

  1. Nomination: A top achieving student may be nominated by a Principal, teacher, guidance counsellor, or students may nominate themselves. A nomination form (see form here) outlining the qualities and achievements of the student must be submitted.

  2. Resume/ CV: A well-presented and clear resume of the student’s school-based and extra-curricular activities, volunteering, awards, certifications, experience, and achievements.

  3. Essay: Nominated students must submit a short essay of no more than one page (max 300 words) on one* of these topics:

    • What is a need that you have observed in your community and what practical thing could you do to contribute to this?

    • If money wasn't a factor, what type of education would you pursue, what would you study, and why?

    • What does “Inclusion” mean to you and how could your school or a group you are a member of be more inclusive?

*Note: Student must write on only one of these. The essay should be written entirely by the students without adult supervision or collaboration. Content is valued more than form.

Please download, complete, and submit this Nomination Form, along with an essay, and a resume to the Harvard Club of Toronto at harvardclubtoronto@gmail.com by Monday, May 6th. 

Contact us at harvardclubtoronto@gmail.com to request additional information.