Book Club - Golden: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise

April 18, 2023 - 7:30pm ET

The Harvard Club of Ottawa is pleased to welcome Harvard grad, Justin Zorn, and Leigh Marz, authors of Golden: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise, for a virtual book talk on Tuesday, April 18, 2023 at 7:30pm.

Justin and Leigh take us on an unlikely journey—from the West Wing of the White House to San Quentin’s death row; from Ivy League brain research laboratories to underground psychedelic circles; from the temperate rainforests of Olympic National Park to the main stage at a heavy metal festival—to explore the meaning of silence and the art of finding it in any situation. Golden reveals how to go beyond the ordinary rules and tools of mindfulness. It’s a field guide for navigating the noise of the modern world—not just the noise in our ears but also on our screens and in our heads. Drawing on lessons from neuroscience, business, spirituality, politics, and the arts, Marz and Zorn explore why auditory, informational, and internal silence is essential for physical health, mental clarity, ecological sustainability, and vibrant community.

Golden is an engaging rethinking of the meaning of quiet. Marz and Zorn assert that we can repair our world by reclaiming the presence of silence in our lives.

Golden: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise is published by HarperCollins. For those who enjoy audio books, Justin and Leigh highly recommend the Audible version narrated by Prentice Onayemi. Golden is being published in fourteen languages worldwide. 


More on Justin and Leigh:

Justin Zorn (MPA'2012) has served as both a meditation teacher and a senior policymaker in the US Congress. He is a Harvard-and-Oxford trained specialist in the economics and psychology of wellbeing, who has written for The Atlantic, Washington Post, The Guardian, Harvard Business Review, Foreign Policy, Wired, Time, CNN and others.

Leigh Marz is a leadership and collaboration consultant with organizations including Harvard, Google, and IKEA. She has led a program teaching experimental mindsets to teams at NASA. Leigh is also a student of  researchers and practitioners of the ritualized use of psychedelic medicines in the West. See and @justin-talbot-zorn, @leigh-marz