Harvard Club of Toronto Interviewer Recap and Feedback Session

Tuesday, May 27, 2014, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Many thanks to all volunteer interviewers who interview applicants to Harvard College on behalf of the Harvard Club of Toronto. We greatly value your contribution to a central component of the Club's activities. This year, 12 students from our interviewing area (which includes all of Ontario apart from the Ottawa/Kingston region) have accepted offers to attend Harvard College in the autumn.

The Club is hosting a 'Recap and Feedback' session to review interviewers' interviewing experiences and to make recommendations for how the Club approaches the task of interviewing over 325 applicants next year and beyond. Specifically, we would like to:

  • receive comments and suggestions about the interviewing process, both conceptual (why aren't any of my interviewees ever accepted?) and practical (why can't I access the interviewing information system?)
  • discuss whether to continue to interview all applicants from our region and, if not, how to select those to interview. With over 34,000 applicants, Harvard no longer promises to interview all applicants and many regions have decided not to do so. Before any decision is made for our region, we would like to canvass the issue and seek views from interviewers

And a big thanks on behalf of the Club to the Schools Committee's three Co-Chairs, Mitchell, Liz Gill and Dina Maxwell for their tireless efforts running the Club's interviewing process for another successful year.

Event Details:
Location: Cassels, Brock and Blackwell
Suite 2100, Scotia Plaza, 40 King Street West
(just east of King and Bay; King subway station)
RSVP: by Friday, May 23rd to Mitchell Wigdor, Co-Chair of the Club's Schools Committee, at mitchell.wigdor@sympatico.ca.